Do I need a CA# and Motor Carrier Permit?

Do I need a CA# and Motor Carrier Permit?

The California Motor Carrier Permit is the interstate operating authority. Any entity transporting property for the hire as well as anyone using a qualifying or regulated vehicle in their business must file for one. Transporting property for hire includes such businesses as messanger services and trucking companies. The size of the vehicle used does not come into play. Private carriers can be plumbers, landscapers, construction companies, etc. that use commercial vehicles with a GVW over 10,000 lbs. The GVW is the actual weight of the unit loaded up to go to work, not the capacity rated by the manufacture.

The first step is to file a Motor Carrier Profile  with the California Highway Patrol. Once the profile is accepted, a CA# is issued. That CA# is used on the application for the Motor Carrier Profile and filed with the California DMVYou must notify your insurance carrier of your CA# and ask for an MC 65 insurance filing for your workmen’s compensation insurance and commercial auto liability.

We can assist you with this process and take the pain out of the regulatory process. Call our Motor Carrier Service division with your questions and for information.