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We Provide EXPEDITED Fingerprinting Services to the General Public and Government Agencies

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  • No waiting! The entire process takes mere minutes to roll the fingerprints then electronically transmit them to the requesting government agency or employer for FBI clearance, licensing or employment certification.

    Our convenient walk-in Live Scan locations make taking your fingerprints fast and easy: Visit one of our walk-in locations in San Marcos or Oceanside and we will transmit the results electronically to your employer or requesting agency within 24 to 48 hours.

    What to Bring For Your Live Scan Fingerprinting Appointment:

    1. Your Request for Live Scan Form
    2. Your Photo ID
    3. Fee Payment – We accept credit cards or cash for the fingerprint rolling fee and the government fees
    No Need to Wait HOURS at a Law Enforcement Office, or Wait for Restricted Hours or Days

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    Call us to set up an appointment for Mobile Live Scan Fingerprinting

    Our Mobile Live Scan service for employers, agencies and organizations is one of a few FBI authorized Live Scan providers in San Diego county. We will come to your business location for on-site group Live Scans at your convenience.


    What is a FBI Record Review?

    How Does Live Scan Work?

    The Live Scan system was implemented in California in 1997. This process is needed for a background check, and is just a simple copy-scan picture of your fingerprints. Normally this service is used by employers in order to know more about the person that they are hiring, this is with the purpose of look at any history of the person and that way they keep their business running in a safe environment. Different Federal, local or state law enforcement agencies as FBI, etc, use the technology of Live Scan.

    Who can be Required to obtain Live Scan Fingerprints?

    If you need a professional license for working with elderly people or children, or EMT’s, caregivers, nurses, consultants, contractors, teachers, notaries and any others that require official Live Scan fingerprints and background checking.

    Just Certified Live Scan Technicians can do this process! Only a certified fingerprint technicians can roll and take your fingerprints. You may find several places that offers live scan services, like postal offices, etc. All the Law enforcement agencies account with Live Scan equipment, but in most cases you may not get a fast and convenient service.

    Remember, just dedicated and certified technicians can operate and offer you a fast and reliable service, specially in California, the fingerprinting process must be done by certified rollers or qualified law enforcement personnel.

    Why Use Our Oceanside or San Marcos CA Live Scan Locations?

    Live Scan services, has been offering solutions for more than eight years in San Diego County. Our associates are certified and highly trained in the Live Scan process. We provide multiples locations along with mobile Live Scan Capabilities.

    Some companies providing similar services use substandard practices by accepting fingerprint cards then scan the cards, but who is verifying the fingerprints are YOURS? At our Live Scan locations, the applicant’s identity is verified by use of valid GO’ fingerprints and the fingerprints are submitted electronically to the FBI via our FBI-Approved channel, ID Solutions.

    Why Use Live Scan Instead of Ink Paper Cards for FBI Clearance?

    Let’s face it – if you need a clearance from the FBI you may not have the time to wait.

    Fingerprint Cards (even if the fingerprints were electronically captured and printed onto cards) submitted to the FBI take 6-8 WEEKS to process, unlike Live Scan’s electronic capture and submission which returns results within 3-7 days, and sometimes as quick as an HOUR!

    NOT ALL “Live Scan” facilities are the same!

    Some facilities incorrectly refer to themselves as “live scan” facilities, but Live Scan is the ELECTRONIC CAPTURE AND SUBMISSION of fingerprints. A fingerprint facility that uses live scan technology to capture prints, but prints them on a fingerprint card are FAKES!

    Any company that offers to submit your fingerprints electronically, but requires you to send them fingerprint cards is also substandard the only true way to submit electronically and then immediately transmits them to FBI.

    Our Live Scan in San Marcos and Oceanside is a TRUE Live Scan facility.

    A criminal history record search obtained pursuant to U.S. Department of Justice Order 556-73 may not meet employment requirements. Governmental licensing or employing agencies covered by federal laws and/or state statutes may refuse to accept criminal history record information contained on the record had not been altered.

    Our Live Scan in San Marcos and Oceanside is one of a few FBI authorized Live Scan providers.

    When Must Fingerprint Ink Cards Still Be Used?

    An FBI-approved Channeling agency cannot authenticate (apostille) fingerprint search results. A request for your FBI Identification Record or proof that a record does not exist must be submitted directly to the FBI is an authentication (apostille) is needed.

    Client Accounts for Employer Services

    Client Accounts fingerprint processing provide a streamline scan services, for employers, agencies and private companies. We set up your billing accounts and send you recurrent reports. Setting up the Client Account services for your company is the most cost-effective method for all your Live Scan needs. Call us at (760) 752-1072 for details.

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