Vin Verification

Vin Verification

CAL AUTO LICENSE is licensed by the State of California, Department of Motor Vehicles to perform vehicle identification (VIN) with License #61839.

We provide mobile on-site VIN verification services at your home or business in the whole San Diego area.

We service local dealerships as well as private parties, and professionally handle all forms and paperwork required by the DMV for your CA vehicle verification.

Call us to set up your appointment for a VIN verification:

Please have all useful documentation about your vehicle ready when you call.

When Is VIN Verification Required?

VIN verification is required to register a car, motorcycle, trailer, truck, motor-home and other vehicles in California under specific circumstances including:

  • Registration of a vehicle last registered out of state
  • Re-registration of a previously “junked” or “salvaged” vehicle
  • Any vehicle for which the department does not have a record
  • Recording an engine change
  • Assignment of an identifying VIN number by DMV
  • When the VIN shown on certificates is different from the VIN shown on file

What Is Needed For VIN Verification?

  • The actual VIN on the car
  • Any helpful documentation on the car, e.g. title, registration, bill of sale
  • Cars 1970 or newer must have a certification inside the door frame/door
  • EPA sticker inside the motor compartment/hood